TF247 Mega Sport 11 inch travel shocks and mounting kit (90/D1/RRC)

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Terrafirma Mega Sport Competition Kit 11 inch travel for 90 / D1 / RRC TF137 & TF138 - Front & rear Mega sport 11" travel shocks, TF540 & TF541 - Shock mounting kits, TF140- Hydraulic bump stops, TF542 & TF543 - Bump stop mounting kits, TF501 - Dislocation cones, TF508 - 3 degree caster corrected front radius arms, TF532 - Rose jointed rear radius arms.   When fitting this kit it is advisable to also fit lifted springs, Wide angle propshafts and extended brake hoses (these can be found on this site). Some modification may be required and we advise you to see the help of a specialist to fit and setup this kit for you.