TF169REAR x2 Terrafirma 4 Stage Adjustable +5" Long Travel Shock 90/11/130/D1/RRC

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Terrafirma 4 Stage Adjustable +5" Long Travel Shock (90/11/130/D1/RRC)

4 stages of adjustment with just a simple turn of the dial - Comfort, Standard, Firm or Sport.

These are a replacement for your rear shock absorbers, although some work is required.

When fitting to the rear of vehicles, TF519 Extreme Long Travel Rear Top Mounts will also need to be fitted and these are included in this kit.

On TD5 & Puma engined Defenders the fuel filter will also need to be relocated, our kit TFFRK will enable you to do this with ease, but this kit can also be used on Discovery 1's & RRC's