Terrafirma Southdown Snorkel Sock

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Terrafirma Southdown Snorkels

The Southdown 4x4 Products developed raised air intake or 'snorkel' consists of a stainless steel tube that runs up the Land Rover 'A' post (windscreen frame) which is a black powder coated for a factory finish. The bracket that secures the tube to the 'A' post is also stainless steel, when combined with the injection moulded plastic wing adaptor and ram air top you have a virtually indestructable and rust free snorkel. The ram air top forces air into the intake system eliminating the air flow losses caused by long pipework. 

Terrafirma Southdown snorkels include any necessary pipework, cutting template and fittings to connect to the air filter. It is important to remember when fitting a snorkel to seal the rubber dust trap valve in the air filter housing with silicone sealer as well as all pipe joints.

Use silicone grease to seal the air filter closed or you will never separate it to change your air filter again! This listing is for a Terrafirma Snorkel Sock, Foam Filter Sock made by Pipercross.