Terrafirma Fridge Freezer TFFR01

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The Terrafirma fridge freezer is specially designed to operate in tough 4x4 and off road environments. Vibration resistant this fridge freezer is suitable for everything from weekend camping trips right through to full blown expeditions. Fisherman and medical organisations alike will also find the Terrafirma fridge freezer invaluable, able to perform even at +50deg. ambient temper outside freezing down to -18deg.

The capacity is a popular 45 litres with dual compartments providing ample storage space for fresh and frozen produce and of course a few cold tins of drink.

The unique full surround static coil evaporator and easy to clean stainless steel liner ensures optimum cooling performance with a low average current draw of 1.65amps with the freezer set to -10deg. at +32deg. ambient.

The Terrafirma fridge freezer works in 12 and 24 volt applications and a 240v adaptor is available for use at home

The sturdy fully insulated cabinet incorporates a removable and reversible lid for ease of access and cleaning and to protect and ad additional insulation a snug fitting protection jacket is available as an optional extra.

This fridge has been tried and tested by customers in all environments and topographies, its the best value product on the market!