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TF178: TERRAFIRMA 4 STAGE ADJUSTABLE LONG TRAVEL SHOCK ABSORBER +3” LONGER - FRONT DISCOVERY 2 FITTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Put the car into gear or park and apply the hand brake, loosen the front wheel nuts, raise the vehicle on a jack and then support the front axle on axle stands. 2. Remove the front wheels. 3. Undo the 2 bolts securing the bottom of the shock absorber. 4. Undo the 4 nuts securing the shock absorber turret to the chassis bracket then Pull the turret and shock absorber out through the hole in the inner wing. 5. Undo and remove the bolt through the top of the shock absorber and then remove the shock absorber from the turret. 6. Fit the new shock absorber in to the turret, and then replace and tighten the top bolt. 7. Lower the turret and shock absorber back through the hole in the inner wing, fit the washers and nuts and tighten down the turret onto the chassis bracket. 8. Pull the lower part of the shock down to the spring seat and re-fit and tighten the 2 bottom securing bolts. 9. When both sides are done refit the wheels lower the car off of the axle stands and torque the wheel nuts correctly. 10. 4-stage adjustable shocks are designed with an adjustable knob at the lower end of the body that allows you to configure your ride depending on your needs and your desired comfort. No.1 is the softest comfort setting increasing to No. 4 for the firmest sport setting.