SPF2128K Land Rover Discovery Series 2 All-wheel Drive (1998 to 2004)

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Front and Rear radius Arm to Chassis Mounting Bush Kit Worn radius arm bushes can cause adverse handling and alignment problems on Landrovers. This can lead to premature tyre wear, accelerated suspension component wear and a tendency for the vehicle to follow tramlines and wander. SuperPro bushes provide a positive location for the Radius arm; this in turn keeps the axle in the correct position maintaining the correct alignment. SuperPro bushes will not cause harshness or vibrations which are associated with other manufacturers Polyurethane products, this is due to the unique design features and materials that are used our manufacturing process. This bush kit includes 2 bushes, 2 steel Tubes, assembly grease, and also includes SuperPro's unrivalled 3 Year/36,000 Mile warranty. To service front and rear axles 2 kits are required


Land Rover

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