Defender roof console

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Storage in the cabin area of a Defender is minimal with very few places to put things, any additional space that can be created is a real bonus especially if it doesn’t cramp the driving space. The Terrafirma roof consoles are the perfect solution for tucking away maps, pens and cigarettes, even small binoculars and a folding saw can be stashed away in the reversible trap door storage tray.

The console has provision for an additional or repositioned original interior light, space for power sockets and a single DIN radio aperture with removable panel which can either be used for additional storage, to house a CB or CD player or even for extra gauges.

The consoles are cleverly made to fit snugly to the headlining in all hard top, station wagon and pick up Defenders (not with sunroofs) and come with a full fitting kit and instructions.